Artist Statement

From an early age I have been drawing and painting and up to a few years ago I did so the traditional way with pencil and brush. Until I was introduced to drawing in a CAD-programme on a computer. Since 2016 I have been making 3-dimensional models from which I generate images from several vantagepoints which are then printed as a 2-dimensional work of art. In addition to predominantly my own work, I am also inspired by existing works of art of which I create 3-dimensional models. The existing work of art is the starting point, however in all cases a lot of personal touches must be added to create a 3-dimensional model. Once the model is finished I can take a stroll through it, so to speak, and view it from all possible sides.

I have completely embraced computer drawing or modelling. The creative process is actually quite similar to traditional painting. Starting with an empty canvas, adding basic structure, mixing colours and textures and finally the finishing which in my case is transferring the 3-dimensional image to a 2-dimensional panel. Contrary to working with paints and brushes, dust cloak and palette, I work with a keyboard and mouse and can stop working at any moment without worrying about the painting ‘drying up’. That’s why I call it ‘clean painting’.

The images of simple 3D models from my early days have given way to colourful and motley representations of more complicated models. My goal is to create images without rottenness, peace-loving, often with beautiful intense colours and sometimes with dark mysterious backgrounds. Particularly the light in paintings by old masters is a source of inspiration. I try to achieve those atmospheres in a new contemporary way in my end product. In the computer model I then use artificial light to illuminate the object. An example of this is my “Helmet without a Man”, inspired by Rembrandt’s “ The Man with the Golden Helmet”.


My pieces are always unique, square and 1 by 1 meter.

In addition to the unique engraved QR code, these are the characteristics of a SQUARTED.

The name SQUARTED is a fictional non-existent English-sounding term which I associate with “to be squared”.

A SQUARTED is always entirely produced on a 6 mm thick panel, with a standard black aluminium frame. The image itself is a high-quality print, provided with a transparent hard car paint coating, which increases the colour’s intensity and protects the work. A QR code is applied to both the front and the back of the SQUARTED, engraved on the back with a unique number. This QR code is, in addition to being my signature, also proof of ownership and a warranty in case of damage or theft.

As a rule a SQUARTED is supplied with a photobook, containing an elucidation of the chosen image and its production method, as well as an overview of the website.




Cees van Reeven