General terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are applicable to all transactions between SQUARTEDS and visitors of this web shop. By placing an order you accept and agree to the following general terms and conditions. SQUARTEDS reserves the right to amend or extend the General Terms and Conditions.


SQUARTEDS is not liable for damages caused by late or non-delivery due to force majeure. Delay due to natural disasters or personal circumstances are expressly specified as force majeure.


Construction of a SQUARTED

SQUARTEDS produces visuals with the following characteristics:

  • Each SQUARTED is a unique rendering of a 3-D scene built in a CAD-program;
  • A series of nine different and unique SQUARTEDs is made from the 3D-scene, each from a different vantage point;
  • The size of a SQUARTED is always 900 x 900 mm;
  • The SQUARTED is printed, using high quality printing techniques, on a solid 6 mm thick panel and finished with a black aluminum frame including suspension attributes. The entire SQUARTED is sustainable, UV-resistant and composed of natural materials;
  • The back of the SQUARTED is furnished with a few specific features, such as a unique reference number and a 3D QR-code;
  • The QR-code is also printed underneath the SQUARTED on the front and refers to the original position of the SQUARTED on this website;
  • The unique code is registered by SQUARTEDS as well as linked to the buyer’s name which is shown on the website;
  • The finished product is a unique SQUARTED; with an external size of approximately 40 x 1015 x 1015 mm and a total weight of approximately 10 kg;
  • Each SQUARTED is copyrighted, indicated with © SQUARTEDS 20XX.

Guaranteed unique ownership

In this digital age anything can be copied of course, so can SQUARTEDs or the QR-codes on this website. SQUARTEDS cannot fight this, but will at all times rely on copyright.

Nevertheless, a copy is a copy and not an original.

There is only one genuine ‘The Night Watch’ and countless copies. However ‘The Night Watch’ can never be reproduced in its original form. SQUARTEDS products can. The information used to comprise the SQUARTED remains available at SQUARTEDS and can be used, in special cases, to produce a new unique SQUARTED.

Thus the rightful owner of a SQUARTED is assured of the fact that the purchased SQUARTED is unique and remains one of a kind, regardless the amount of copies spread.

SQUARTEDS can guarantee unique ownership on the following terms of delivery and acceptance;

  • The purchase price must have been received by SQUARTEDS, in full;
  • The order form must have been completed in full and received by SQUARTEDS;
  • The buyer agrees to public registration of full name, date of birth as well as place and country of birth on the information sheet connected to the SQUARTED which is accessed using the QR-code.
  • The buyer agrees to pay 10% provision to SQUARTEDS when a SQUARTED is resold.



Ordering a SQUARTED is possible by sending an e-mail using the contact button and mentioning the specific number of the SQUARTED;

All SQUARTEDs are priced identically, including VAT and excluding shipping costs.

After recieving your e-mail SQUARTEDS will send a confirmation of the order along with  the payment and shipping conditions.



Returning a SQUARTED is possible by sending an e-mail using the contact button and mentioning the reason for returning;

N.B. Colours on a screen can differ from the eventual printed colours.

A slightly deviating colour (tint difference) is not a valid reason to return a SQUARTED, unless the colours of the SQUARTED deviate entirely from the example shown on the website.

Shipping costs are to be paid entirely by the buyer, unless SQUARTEDS agrees the SQUARTED does not meet this websites promised quality.

Solely newly ordered SQUARTEDs can be returned, within 14 days of delivery.

After recieving your e-mail SQUARTEDS will send a confirmation of the return order with return policy.

The complete purchase amount excluding the shipping costs will be credited after the ordered product has been received by SQUARTEDS in good condition.



Transferring a SQUARTED is always possible, but the unique ownership guarantee can only be obtained by using a transfer document.

To ensure the continuation of unique ownership and ownership registration, the seller is required to send an e-mail to Squarteds with specifications regarding the product transfer. The buyer is also required to send an e-mail to SQUARTEDS with specifications regarding the product transfer. The ownership registration will be transferred to the buyer after the agreed transfer provision (of 10% of the sales value) has been received by SQUARTEDS. With this the guarantee of unique ownership has passed from the seller to the buyer.

When a SQUARTED has changed owner without using the transfer forms then the unique ownership status is forfeit and SQUARTEDS reserves the right to produce a new unique SQUARTED from the same visual. The website will list this new SQUARTED as available. The existing SQUARTED is thus rendered a copy.


Forgery, damage or theft

If a third party copies a SQUARTEDS-product, this is immediately demonstrable by scanning the QR-code and viewing the registration of ownership. In case of forgery SQUARTEDS will take legal action to prevent production and distribution of these products.

The public and transparent registration of ownership ensures it is futile to forge or steal a SQUARTED. Ownership can easily be verified by scanning the QR-code on the SQUARTED;

When there is evidence of theft, SQUARTEDS will declare the stolen property null and void and will produce a new unique SQUARTED with unique features at the current insured value.

The stolen SQUARTED is henceforth rendered as a copy. Scanning the QR-code will direct one to the SQUARTEDS website where it will clearly be stated that the SQUARTED was rendered a copy due to theft.

In case of demonstrable molestation or severe damage SQUARTEDS can decide grant a request of replacement by producing a new unique SQUARTED. 


Not available

When it is  indicated a SQUARTED is no longer available, one could consider ordering another SQUARTED (>from the same series) or contacting the owner through SQUARTEDS to discuss a possible transfer. See Transferring.

SQUARTEDS will never produce a second specimen of a SQUARTED, unless ownership rights are no longer valid. See Transferring.

If an entire series is no longer available, SQUARTEDS can be asked to produce 9 new SQUARTEDs, all differing from the previous series. Requests for such new productions can be sent by e-mail using the contact button.



To place an order, return or transfer, ask questions, place comments and suggestions you can use the contact button.



No rights can be derived from circumstances and events that are not provided for in these General Terms and Conditions.

SQUARTEDS reserves the right to decide independently and reasonably, where appropriate.

When disputes arise, SQUARTEDS may decide to seek legal advice and support.


Naaldwijk, 13th of May 2021